Welcome to the Career Center support of IWG Switzerland, the first International Women Group powered by the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland.

We aim at sharing professional experiences among women and we focus on women’s social and professional development, supporting those willing to explore new opportunities.

We are persuaded that the key to find the best and brightest in today’s workplace starts with understanding the unique culture of the French speaking part of Switzerland, as well as identifying their own long-term goals.

We offer advice, guidance and counselling on careers, helping women finding their talents and to build up their skills.

For the member of the italian chamber of commerce http://www.ccis.ch/it periodic sessions of Career Center are organised with the aim to support women to start their new career, just to change job or boost their career network.

We work in partnership with career-counselling and outplacement agencies, as well as a socio-professional inclusion association.

For further details and to join our Career Center sessions, please contact us at career@iwg-switzerland.ch