Past Events

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Italian Creativity- Fashion

Italian Creativity Fashion is the first of many events celebrating Italian talent and creativity around the world that IWG Switzerland plans to organize over the coming years.

Presentations by designers Simone Marulli, Stefania Caprara and Patrizia Carlevaro of MyShoePassion Venezia, and Annalisa Caricato. Followed by catwalk show and networking apero'.

Le Paradoxe du Luxe Genevois

"The paradox of Geneva Luxury
Where and how the austere Calvin is at the origin of the rise
of the watch industry with infinite luxury"

Speaker: Marie-Pierre Hugeunin

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When Art Meets Food for Health

Immerse yourself in the alluring beauty of Senayt Santoro’s photographic exhibition whilst savouring Italy’s fine Ólixir® Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Reaching for the Stars - Ljuba Manz

Ljuba Manz-Lurje is the best-known hotel Entrepreneur in Switzerland and the third generation to manage Manz Privacy Hotels.  Discover her story.....

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